03 February 2012

Loddon Brewery Re-Branding

Flying High - the new Loddon Brewery logo emphasises the dragonfly motif
and introduces a new font.

Chris Hearn (pictured above) and his wife Vanessa Hearn founded Loddon Brewery in 2002 at an old brick and flint grain store on the main site of Phillimore Farm, Dunsden Green, situated on the rural estate of Lord Phillimore. Chris and Vanessa were at the Bird in Hand, Sonning Common, on Thursday 2 February to welcome guests to the Loddon Brewery 10th anniversary celebration and brand re-launch.
Chris thanked Roger and Kay, proprietors of the Bird in Hand, Sonning Common, for closing their pub for the night in order to host the Loddon Brewery Re-Brand event.

Head brewer (Steve Brown) and his assistant (Jordan) are pictured above. Chris Hearn had just presented Steve with a bottle of Bruichladdich single malt whisky as a mark of appreciation for his work with the brewery especially in the earliest months when there was no cash available to pay a brewer wages.
The redesigned pump clips (above) emphasise the dragonfly motif. The brewery were looking for a clean and crisp branding which would appeal both to current drinkers and also appeal to the younger generation.

David Rogers (above) the owner and creative partner of We Are Pure, 
a creative packaging agency based in Nottingham,
came up with the overall design strategy. 
This was part of a three month project to design 
new pump clips, bottle labels, beer mats, runners and glasses.
The new bottle labels (above) include a separate dragonfly motif on the neck of the bottle.

Andrew Horner-Glister (left) of Nzime a creative / strategic digital agency 
based in Nottingham
and Stuart Kellock (right) of Label Apeel Limited a self-adhesive label specialist 
based in Leicester.
Stuart has supplied labels to Loddon Brewery for some time and put Chris Hearn 
in touch with David Rogers of We Are Pure. 
In turn, David put Chris in touch with Andrew of Nzime 
who designed and built the new Loddon Brewery website.

Luke Hearn (above) is the Sales Manager for Loddon Brewery. Whilst at university he first
met Katie and John, who went on to form a video production company - A Star Media.
Recently, Luke suggested A Star Media should provide the videos for the new
Loddon Brewery website.

Katie and John (above) of A Star Media, based in Nottinghamshire, produced videos 
 featuring Chris Hearn and Steve Brown for each of the Loddon Brewery beers.
In addition there are videos 
'What goes into our Loddon beer' and 'A quick tour of Loddon Brewery'.

The new website, designed by Nzime, emphasises social media channels 
like twitter and facebook and includes videos 
from A Star Media to get the personality of the brand across.

N.B. Copyright for New Loddon Logo, Pump Clips and Bottle labels belongs to Loddon Brewery. Copyright for photos belongs to Tim Thomas.

01 February 2012

Spillo - microbrewery / bar - Palermo, Sicily, Italy

(Work in Progress)

I am grateful to www.mondobirra.org for listing Spillo in its list of microbreweries in Sicily.

It is situated at Cortile degli Eremiti near Via dei Benedettini, a short walk from the historic Norman Palace (home of the Sicilian Regional Assembly) in Palermo.

I phoned ahead to check that Spillo would be open on a Sunday evening. On arrival, I was immediately impressed by the modern style and large size of the bar / restaurant area. A waitress showed me to a table and brought a menu which included a 'Beer Food' section. When I asked for a translation of some items on the menu, she called Michele Caetano, to assist. He recognised me as the person who had telephoned earlier and suggested that I moved from the table to take a seat at the bar. Now sitting on a high stool, he recommended a dish of grilled pork, served with chips and sliced leeks.

A wide choice of draught beers was available and I ordered a Vestkyst (West Coast) named after the American hops used. It was brewed by Fanø Bryghus, based on the Danish island of Fanø. The beer was supplied in a non-returnable spherical 30 litre container and I was able to photograph an empty one of these.

Michele Cartaino introduced me to his colleague Sergio Raciti and I was privileged to be able to chat with them for the rest of the evening, when they were not occupied with serving other customers.

Michele kindly handed me an Italian book about beer 'La Birra' written by Antonino Pavone and published in 2010 which he and Sergio signed underneath the greeting 'friendly'. The book's subtitle 'storia, curiosita e tecnologia' needs no translation!

After my plate had been cleared away, Sergio invited me to have a look at the (mothballed) brewery located behind the raised 'cellar store' (visible behind the bar).

Beer has been brewed in this brewery but brewing is currently suspended.

Sergio also showed me into the temperature controlled 'cellar store' and I took a photo from the side entrance.

Now it was time for a second beer and this time I chose a draught Père Noël from Belgium’s Brewery De Ranke. Other draught beers included one from Badische Staatsbrauerei Rothaus, based in the Black Forest, Germany.

(to be continued)